We're changing that.

Céline had been suffering from severe menstrual problems for years and couldn't find any medication on the market that could help her. She set to work herself and developed novel recipes that had an effect on her. Friends felt the same way. And friends of friends too. This is how PERIOD was created.

Céline studied law, economics and computer science. She was named to the 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30 list. PERIOD is Céline's second company that she co-founded, after a LegalTech startup.

Céline Spillmann, Gründerin PERIOD, Paulus Bruegmann, Mitgründer PERIOD

Free and independent

Paulus supports Céline in promoting PERIOD as a brand. With PERIOD, the duo has set itself the goal of putting an end to menstrual suffering and the taboo surrounding periods. So that you can feel free, self-determined and independent all day long.

Paulus has been working as a successful commercial film director in Switzerland and neighboring countries for ten years. He has been honored with various awards in the film industry.

This is what <tc>PERIOD</tc> stands for

Natural, organic and vegan

We only use the highest quality organic plant-based ingredients from local producers. In addition to essential oils and plant extracts, our home recipes rely on the power of Swiss full-spectrum hemp extract. All products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Without water, alcohol and additives

The care oils contain neither water nor alcohol. We only use pure, natural oils that are well tolerated by the skin and are not filled with fillers. Our products are freshly produced in small batches and contain no synthetic preservatives.

Plant power instead of chemicals

For menstrual cramps, doctors usually prescribe chemical medications to relieve the pain or hormonal contraceptives to artificially stop bleeding. However, more and more women are looking for alternatives and natural remedies such as PERIOD in order to be able to live their cycle without any symptoms.

Handcrafted in Switzerland

We produce all oils by hand in a small factory in Zurich. Non-industrial production takes a lot of time and love. You can feel and see this care when you hold our products in your hands.

From woman to woman

We focus on women and nature. There are hardly any natural products on the market that are specifically designed to support the female cycle and the needs of women. We work with self-developed recipes from woman to woman.

Without taboos and with a lot of joy

The female cycle is a miracle of nature. That's why it deserves more attention and a more open approach. We educate, break taboos and work with joy to bring menstruation into the mainstream.