Sex während Periode und Menstruation

It can be bloody funny, baby! – About the lust during your days

By Susan Reznik (text) & Silja Elsener (illustration)

Even though we're finally talking more about it publicly, menstruation is still quite taboo. Sex on your period? Double taboo!

Taboos and myths surrounding period sex

We all know stale jokes like "A real pirate also pierces the red sea". This subtly expresses disgust towards sex during your period. In addition, there are still many myths surrounding the topic: A survey by Strawberry Week in 2017 still found, for example, that 53% of young participants believe that menstruation serves as a contraceptive method.

Sex is good, even during your period

Many menstruators feel a great desire for sex, especially during their period. One of the reasons for this is that the vagina and clitoris are better supplied with blood during our period and are therefore more sensitive to touch.

Sex during your period also has positive side effects: orgasms can help relieve menstrual cramps. And the ability to have an orgasm is even increased due to the increased blood flow in the entire uterine area. In addition, pain is inhibited by the release of happiness hormones, at least temporarily. If you experience heavy bleeding after sex, don't worry. This can happen because it encourages shedding of the lining of the uterus. This can also cause the period to be shortened.

Our 4 tips for relaxed period sex

1. Communicate openly

Tell your partner that you are on your period. So you can decide together whether and how you live out your lust.

2. Find the right tools

So if you and your partner feel like it, you can put a fluffy cloth underneath so that your bed linen doesn't get a red speckled look.

But if you want to keep it completely unstained, then a soft tampon is a good option. Soft tampons are actually not a new invention when it comes to cycle products. The soft counterpart to the conventional tampon has been in use among sex workers for a long time. This is because a soft tampon allows penetrative sex due to its soft nature and at the same time absorbs the bleeding. The tampon cannot be felt by either partner and prevents blood stains.

3. Think about alternatives to the bed

Maybe you would like to try the bathtub or shower as a place of pleasure? The warm water can also do you good during your period and any blood can be easily washed away.

4. Find the right position

Just before your period, the cervix slips deeper into the vagina and becomes hard. That's why deep penetrative sex can hurt a bit. Therefore, find the right position that feels good for you. Maybe the spoon position for a lot of security? And nothing presses on your stomach.

Whether you like it or not. Both are completely okay and normal!

Maybe you don't feel like having sex during your period. This is of course completely normal and okay. Because while some have a great desire for intimacy during their period, for others just the idea of ​​running away is enough.

Last but not least: solo sex

Oh yes, when we talk about sex, we also mean solo sex. So if you feel like it but don't want to share it with someone else or don't have anyone to help, just do it yourself! ;) (Maybe with our GOLDENE LUST as a companion?)

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