Zahlen und Fakten über die Periode, Menge an Blut

<tc>PERIOD</tc> Facts

By Susan Reznik (text) & Silja Elsener (illustration)

We have put together a few exciting facts and figures for you that show: Your period is the most normal thing in the world and you are not alone. ❤️

Did you know…

Getting younger

…that the average age of women at menarche is 13 years? What's exciting is that your first menstrual period has come earlier and earlier over the decades: at your menarche, you were on average 3.6 months younger than your mother was when she had her first period. And your great-great-great-grandmother was on average 16.6 years old when she had her first period about 140 years ago. This development is primarily attributed to obesity, pollutants and social pressures in today's society.

Days become years

…that you spend an average of around 3,500 days bleeding? That corresponds to the equivalent of around 10 years. Quite a long time compared to the average life expectancy of 85 years! That's why we think it's so important that you feel as comfortable as possible during your period.

From shot to wine glass

…that it is completely normal for you to lose up to 4 shot glasses of blood during your period? That's between 30 and 80 milliliters of blood. If you have the feeling that you are regularly losing more or less blood, you should talk to your doctor about it.

No pattern cycle

…that for most women the cycle length varies between 21 and 35 days? Longer cycles occur statistically more frequently than shorter ones. The idea of ​​a pattern cycle of 28 days probably comes from the contraceptive pill: an artificial rhythm of 28 days is created.

Blood sisters

…that you have your period at the same time as an estimated 300 million other women? Quite a few blood sisters! Next time you stroll through the city during your period, sit on the bus or dance at a concert, know that you are definitely not alone.



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