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Ovulation as the epitome of life

By Susan Reznik

Eeeeey! Spring is finally just around the corner. (And hopefully stays there now.) Prime time for the Easter Bunny. Maybe in the next few days he will bring you ovulation along with chocolate and colored eggs.

Summer feelings

The time of ovulation is considered the summer of our menstrual cycle according to the four season theory. Estrogen levels are at their highest during this time and give us a lot of energy. During this phase of the cycle, many menstruating men feel the most self-confident, courageous and attractive. This can be the perfect time for you to tackle new things and negotiate.

Medium pain

In fact, despite being defined as the peak of our cycle, ovulation can also bring unpleasant side effects. Because the high estrogen level also has its downsides. For example, some women experience nausea around ovulation because the increased hormone levels can affect the vomiting center in the brain. The breasts sometimes become tense during ovulation and swell due to water retention. You may have felt a pulling, stabbing or cramping pain in the right or left lower abdomen right around ovulation. These are due to ruptured follicles in the ovary. It is possible that the fluid that comes out when it ruptures irritates the peritoneum and causes the pain. But this is nothing to worry about, even if it feels uncomfortable. This pain is called “Mittelache”. The name comes from the fact that the time around ovulation represents the middle of the menstrual cycle. If you like it more eloquently, you can also call this phenomenon “intermenstrual pain” or “ovulation pain”.


One of the best ways to see whether you are about to ovulate is, of course, your discharge. Around ovulation, this changes from whitish, slightly yellowish and creamy to a transparent, slightly jelly-like consistency, almost like egg white.

Epitome of life

Exciting this ovulation. Not only is the phase around ovulation our fertile days and therefore the epitome of life per se, but ovulation is also a bit like life: with many positive aspects, but also some unpleasant sides. Cheers to our ovulation!

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